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Devon Trivia, Fun facts about Devon
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Devon Trivia

Would you like to know some useless information about Devon? You never know, it could be in your next pub quiz. Here you are….



Westward Ho! is the only town in the UK with an exclamation mark! It was named after Charles Kingsley’s 1885 novel.


A La Ronde near Exmouth is actually not round but hexadecanol. Now National Trust owned it is the only house of its kind in the UK and was built by cousins Jane and Mary Parminter in the 18th century. The house contains objects collected on their far-reaching travels.


The last women in Britain to be hung accused of witchcraft were from Bideford. They were hung in Exeter in 1682.
Famous Devon-born modern-day personalities include tennis and TV legend Sue Barker, the members of world-famous rock band Muse, Olympians Sharron Davies, Liam Tancock and Tom Daley, comedienne Dawn French, and journalist Dermot Murnaghan.

Historic figures from Devon include Agatha Christie, Sir Francis Drake, Joshua Reynolds, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and inventor and mechanical engineer (considered by some as the father of computing) Charles Babbage.


The ‘other’ St James Park is home to Exeter City Football club.


“In 1996, two neighbours in Devon spent a year hooting at owls, unaware they were actually hooting at each other.” (1,342 QI Facts To Leave You Flabbergasted)

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