Coach House Farm | The Coach House Farm: Through the Seasons
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The Coach House Farm: Through the Seasons



..brings classic scenes of daffodils, new born lambs and apple tree blossom!

Blog_lambanddafs blog_springorchard


..and the flowers are in bloom, the fields in patchwork, and the sunsets are striking.

blog_summerflowers Polaroid PDC 4350

Polaroid PDC 4350 Blog_alpacashaun blog_summersheep



The sheep and alpacas will be shorn.


We even managed to grow figs one year!







Time for sweeping up leaves and picking apples!

Polaroid PDC 4350 blog_appletrees Polaroid PDC 4350



Decorations go up for Christmas and New Year guests.

blog_xmas1 blog_xmas2

Snow is not unheard of in this neck of the woods, but if it does come, it’s photo-worthy!

blog_snow1 blog_snow3 blog_snow2

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